Single on Valentine’s Day? We’ve got your back

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Dreading Valentine's Day? Don't.

As if singles don’t get enough reminders of their relationship status throughout the year, someone had to go and invent Valentine’s Day. Some cruel, cruel person dedicated an annual 24 hours when singletons have to watch an endless stream of flower bouquets delivered to workplace, and are forced to avoid all restaurants, cinemas, and parks.


But this year, before you go hiding out in your room with your phone switched off and TV switched on, we urge you to change your 'tude, get up, and get out. And to help push you out the door - because we're just that nice - we've brainstormed a heap of ideas for you. Happy Valentine's Day.

Treat yo' self

If you were in a relationship on Valentine's Day, you'd be spending around $100 - $200 on a gift and a romantic night out. So, when you're single, why not spend that money on... yourself? Get a massage. Buy a nice-smelling candle. Spoil yourself rotten because let's be honest, you deserve it.


Get a purrfect partner instead

Who needs a human plus one when you can have this?


Or this?


Petbarn and The Pet Foundation have answered our animal love prayers with their national Pet Dating events. The adoption days match cats, dogs, rabbits, and even guinea pigs, with potential owners. And while the events aren't actually on Valentine's Day - they're the day before, on the 13th - they'll hopefully get you sorted for the actual day. So instead of crying your eyes out into a bowl of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, you can skip the calories and play with some bunnies instead.


Stop. Adventure Time.

Pack your bag and buckle up, because Valentine's Day is the perfect day for you to go exploring.


This year, singletons are lucky enough to have the holiday fall on a Sunday, which means you have an entire day for adventuring. Unless you work on Sundays. And then we're sorry - please skip ahead. But if you're off, now's your chance to discover that new winery you've wanted to see, swim underneath that waterfall you've seen on Instagram, or, best of all, do it Rihanna-style and just shut up and drive.


Hit the gym

Got some pent-up anger towards Valentine's Day? Yeah... you may want to let that go. If you're a member of a gym, you're sorted. If you're not, there's always the great outdoors at your disposal. 


Get up, get out, and get those endorphins flowing. You'll feel fitter, ready to conquer the world, and ready to face those loved-up couples.

Love anyway

Valentine's Day is more than just appreciating a significant other, it's about appreciating friends, family, and even yourself. So whatever you do decide to do, girls and boys, spread the love.


Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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