Seagulls have caused pandemonium on a Victorian train

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Seagulls on a train

Seagulls On A Train is the new Snakes On A Plane.

We’re going to call it the 'Great Seagull Story of 2016'. Facebook is great for a lot of things - you can stalk people who annoyed you during high school, get helpful reminders of the cringe-worthy moments from your past and, on the rare occasion, read about an amazing story. 

Well, my friends, today is that day. Let us introduce you to the 'Great Seagull Story of 2016'. If you haven’t seen this story as of yet, take a look for yourself...

Seagulls on a train

It’s something straight out of a horror film. Just imagine casually sitting on a train when, all of a sudden, 20 screaming seagulls invade your space. (Not our idea of the perfect commute #AMIRITE) 

Now this our pitch for a new movie instead of Snakes On A Plane, we’ll call it Seagulls On A Train. It'll tell the story of a train that is invaded by some killer, terrifying seagulls. (THE OSCARS, HERE WE COME) 

Written By Gemma Prendergast
Strawberry pizza @moonemoji

Can you see what the problem is?!

Shoegate Facebook

Oh, man. Not again.

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They're changing the world.