Science says travel makes you happier than marriage

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Add this to your New Year’s resolutions

A new, global study has found that travel is more essential to happiness than getting married, landing your dream job or even popping out some kids.
17,000 people from 17 countries were questioned as part of the research done by, and found that travel was at the top of the list for things you can do to improve your mood.
The findings revealed that travel not only boosted happiness in the short-term (one particularly hilarious statistic showed that the majority of people would rather book a holiday than go on a date with their partner) but that it was also a much better way to improve long-term happiness than buying stuff.
See? This dog has the right idea.
Dog in suitcase
While happiness is a great thing to aim for, other studies have shown than travel also helps you live longer and makes you better at your job. Heck, even just planning a holiday is a proven endorphin-booster.
If finding The One was at the top of your 2017 to-do list, you might be better off swapping that dreamboat for a cruise ship.
Written By Kirsty Sier

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