Science has revealed the ideal temperature for sleeping

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Perfect temperature for sleeping

Should you sleep with the air-con on or off? We finally have your answer…

It’s an age old debate - is it better to have your bedroom hot or cold at night? And we're sure it’s caused many arguments between couples. #AMIRITE

The perfect temperature for sleeping

Well, we’re going to put this debate to rest once and for all because we finally have your answer. A new video from Science of Us has explained that sleeping in a cool room is much better for you than sleeping in a warm one. 

The perfect temperature for sleeping

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A general rule is a room between 15 degrees to 20 degrees is perfect. We know 15 degrees is pretty cold but there is a very important reason for it. 

When you sleep your body temperature goes down and then starts to warm up towards the end of your sleep as a signal to wake up. So if you sleep in a cooler room than you are more likely to be more comfortable, less likely to wake up during the night and generally get a better night’s sleep. 

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With that being said, sleeping at a temperature that is too low isn’t great for you either. If you room is too cold or you don’t have enough blankets, your body might try to lock in heat by narrowing the blood vessels in your skin. AND THAT DOES NOT SOUND GOOD!!

So basically, sleeping in a cooler room is much better for you but just don’t let it get too cold. 

Still confused?!? Check out this video...

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