REVEALED: What Facebook will look like in ten years time

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It’s only gonna keep evolving.

Facebook’s famous founder Mark Zuckerberg has observed that every 10-15 years there is a breakthrough in technology that ends up changing the way we live our lives.

Former consultant at Facebook Chris Schrader recently opened up on about where he sees the future of the company headed. Here’s some of what he highlighted.

1. Facebook for all – not just the wealthy

There are over 1 billion people currently using Facebook on a daily basis, and for the majority of them, they’re viewing it like this:

That’s the “feature phone” version of Facebook used by the hundreds of millions of users in developing countries. Schrader explains:

“These work great in places where the average person can't afford a smart phone and things like wifi aren't readily available, but does have access to a cellular network.  This applies to a very large percentage of the world's population, and today Facebook (along with Twitter) have done an amazing job at reaching these people.  However, there's about 4 billion people worldwide that don't have access to the internet.  Facebook is looking to Address this.”

2. Actually free internet for ALL with is Facebook’s current mission to get the internet available to everyone in the world, no matter where they are. They’re already sending satellites up into space to achieve this:

Schrader writes: “For those people on planet earth who will get their connectivity through technology like this, their experience will be pretty much what it looks like today for most of the world.  They will use affordable feature phones and their service will be provided by Facebook. “

3. Virtual Reality via Oculus.rift

Mark Zuckerberg has spent several billion dollars buying virtual reality platform Oculus, which is currently mainly aimed at gamers and looks something like this.

Schrader says that “Zuckerberg has made very clear that he believes the next huge technology shift will come in the form of virtual reality”.

Schrader suggests that considering you can already take pictures from a front and back camera on your phone or map out panoramic photos to share with your friends, it’s not so far fetched to think that you’ll soon be sharing 3D experiences with them too. 

4. Interactive hangouts

If virtual reality becomes a thing, it could be assumed that technology such as Google’s hangouts or chat rooms could be taken to the next level so you could literally hangout in a 3D virtual room with all of your friends.

Crazy. Facebook is rolling out new changes each and every day. Check out there recent launch of new search functionality that is said to be their answer to Google. 

Written By Genevieve Dwyer
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