'Resting B*tch Face' is an actual thing because science says it is

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You guys, RBF is for real.

There are certain celebs - and we’re not going to name names here - who suffer from a truly tragic condition called 'Resting B*tch Face'. Okay, yes, we said we weren’t going to call out anyone out, but #journalism.

Kristen Stewart, we’re looking at you.


Kanye West, you too.


Oh and Queen Elizabeth, soz, we've got to name you too.


Two behavioural researchers, Jason Rogers and Abbe Macbeth, decided to study the phenomenon closer using a tool specifically designed to identify specific expressions. The software examines and analyses faces through a live camera, photo or video clip and then assigns an expression based on eight human emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, disgust, contempt and neutral.

The researches plugged Kristen, Kanye and Queen E’s faces into the software and the level of emotion – contempt – was at a high. The PhD students explained it was subtle signals that the software was detecting, like "one side of the lip pulled back slightly, the eyes squinting a little” or "a tightening around the eyes, and a little bit of raising of the corners of the lips - but not into a smile."

"Something in the neutral expression of the face is relaying contempt, both to the software and to us."

Also interesting to note, Jason and Abbe discovered RBF was equally prominent in men as it was in women. So, yep, there's no doubt 'Ye must suffer from it. #prayforye


Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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