The reason why it’s so damn satisfying to pop a pimple

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An expert has determined why humans are slightly obsessed with popping pimples. 

Love them or hate them (ok nobody really loves them) pimples are a part of life. It’s common knowledge that you should never pop a pimple but sometimes it’s just to damn hard to resist. 


Well now we have a reason as to why it’s so damn satisfying to pop a pimple....

Nicole Karacinski, a mental health nurse has explained to Racked that popping a pimple brings  so much satisfaction because of our hormones. 

“Releasing dopamine is what is truly the neurobiological basis of habit. We do it, we feel good.”

It’s a simple as that, our brains tell us to pop pimples simply because it feels good. Nicole says that even when people don’t have a pimple to pop they satisfy this urge by watching one of the countless pimple popping videos on YouTube. 

Exhibit A… 

So, keep on doing what makes you feel good people. We'll just add this one to our weirdly satisfying things to do list. 

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