RealLifeCam lets you perve on 10 random couples 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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RealLifeCam is causing a stir among the online world after users are granted access to watch 10 couples 24/7 for a fee… and includes bathroom and bedroom activities. 

Reality TV isn’t a new idea. 

In some ways it’s even ’normal’ seeing cameras following people around on the street.

But now an Eastern European website called RealLifeCam is being branded ‘creepy’ after it gives online access to 10 willing couples as they go about their daily activities. 


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What’s so sinister about that, you say?

Well on the face of it, all ‘activities’ they partake in are pretty dull. Watching someone watch TV isn’t exactly boundary crossing. 

But it is allowing complete randoms to watch couples during intimate times that have made the website labelled ‘just an outlet for male horniness’ by the Daily Dot. 

There is also the issue of using the website to exploit the participants down the track in ways they probably didn’t think of when signing up for this ‘social experiment.’ 

It’s definitely a polarising topic as many see it no different to watching The Bachelor or Geordie Shore, but somehow with the absence of editing, this just seems a little too creepy and weird for us. 

What do you think?

Written By Alice Joyce

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