Planning on chucking a sickie Monday before Australia Day? Read this

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ATTN everyone planning on chucking a sickie the Monday before Australia Day...

As the whole country knows, Australia Day falls on a Tuesday this year. Which means there’s an awkward Monday that falls in between the weekend and the holiday. Which means there’s potential for a four-day holiday. And that means the idea for chucking a sickie on the Monday has occurred to literally every single person Down Under.

And more than 15% of Sydneysiders and 16% Melburnians are expected to follow through with their ~brilliant~ idea, according to a survey by app provider Clipp.

"The number of sickies taken on Monday could be as high as 180,000," said Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief exec Kate Carnell. 

That's 180,000 people putting on their best croaky voices to let their bosses know that no, they won't be coming in that day, and no, they won't be able to work from home either. 


So if you're thinking of joining the masses, think again. Sorry to break it to you but no, your idea isn't original in the slighest, and yes, your boss won't believe a single cough out of your mouth. 

Thinking of doing it anyway and need some holiday ideas? Fitzy & Wippa have got you sorted...

Photo via Vogue Germany

Story via Sydney Morning Herald

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar



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