Nobody panic, but Australia is getting hot chip vending machines

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Ermagherd, Australia, we’re getting hot chip vending machines. 

Praise the hot chip lord, our dreams have come true. 


After more than five years of planning, hot chip vending machines will be placed in eight locations in Perth by the end of June, according to The machines, tested already in Perth and Adelaide (we didn’t they come to us to test?), will fry frozen potatos and place them in a cup within – get this – two minutes and 20 seconds.


Honestly, what is the world coming to? 

The machines signal a huge sigh of relief for Western Australia potato growers, who were facing an impending sales dip. Last year, Smith’s Snackfood Company announced they would soon be closing their Canning Vale crisp manufacturing plant.

Manjimup potato grower and hot chip processor Stephen Bendotti is currently contracted to supplying potatos to the vending machine manufacturer, the Hot Chips Company. He was looking to lose 20 per cent of his business with Smith’s Snackfood closure, so this news is big for him.

"The closure of Smith's Snackfoods is equivalent to around 6,000 tonnes in this area. So the long-term plan is to try and absorb that 6,000 tonnes [in] three to four years."

We have no doubt we'll be a part of consuming that 6,000 tonnes.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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