The most outrageous moment of the final Presidential debate

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This election has basically taken over social media but there was one moment in the final Presidential debate that EVERYONE is talking about. 

We’ve all heard the “grab the p*ssy” tapes and countless women speak of alleged assaults at the hands of Donald Trump.

So everyone was left stunned when Donald Trump made an outrageous statement during tonight’s debate. 

Dead serious, he told the audience: 

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No joke, the audience literally cackled when he said this. 

That’s right folks, people are actually laughed in the face of the possible leader of the free world when he said he “respected” women. *Chandler voice* Could this BE anymore 2016! 

No one believed Don’s statement, and they were right, because less than an hour later, Jabba the Trump interrupted Hilary with a foul remark that perfectly sums up how he feels about women. 

Mr Trump leaned into the microphone and whispered “she’s a nasty woman”.

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FYI, at the time Secretary Clinton was talking about how she would raise to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans. Clearly Donald took it personally. 

Everyone from celebs to plebs were firing off tweets to show their disbelief at the Republican candidate’s choice of words. 

Trump also stood by his claims that if he loses the election is rigged.

He admitted that he never apologised to his wife after “p*ssygate” because he did nothing wrong. Two days ago Melania told CNN her husband comments were not appropriate but she had forgiven him because he apologised. 

Thank god this was the final debate. It’s really sad to watch Hilary have to face a man who can’t keep himself straight. 

Phew. Yanks head to the polls in a few weeks. Hallelujah.  

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Written By Huna A