Maths trick will tell you what your age and shoe size is

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A maths trick is taking the Internet by storm as it tells you what your shoe size and age is. 

Everyone loves a good magic trick. We’ve found the latest one…It’s a simple maths trick, but it’s one to try and it may freak you out a little.

People have been puzzled at how the equation works.

Give it a try and see if it finds out your age and shoe size:

Take your shoe size, times it by 5, add 50 and then multiply the answer by 20. Then you need to add 1015 to the answer and subtract the year you were born. MAGIC… your shoes size and age should appear.


Unfortunately it’s not magic, it’s just a simple maths formula. Professor Geoff Prince told that it’s actually quite easy to see how it works.

“It’s actually a formula, and the 1015 is a real giveaway to how the answer is resolved. If you were to put the formula in to brackets, so (Shoe size x 5 + 50) x 20 + 1015 - birth year, and break it down, you will actually get 100 x shoe size + age,” Professor Prince said.

“If your birthday has already passed this year, change the 1015 to 1016 and you’ll get the age you’re turning in 2016, as well as your shoe size.”

Ahhh well it might not be magic, but it’s something fun to try on your friends. 

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Written By Anna Pentelow
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