Jetblue offers passengers a free trip, but there’s one big catch

Jet Blue

The decision of the destination had to be unanimous.

Turks and Caicos v.s. Costa Rica was the question...


In a promotion, hid as a social experiment, airline company JetBlue promised a flight full of passengers a FREE round-trip ticket to anywhere. BUT like any viral video of course there was a catch. 

Every single one of the 150 people on board had to agree on the one location. 

Over the louder speaker a crew member said,

“People everywhere are digging in and holding their ground, refusing to compromise. So, as a social experiment, we wanted to find out if real people on a JetBlue flight would have an easier time putting aside their differences and reaching across the aisle.”

The tongue-in-cheek commercial seems to be a commentary on the looming American election. The commercial ends with, “So what have we learned? If people compromise and work together, all parties can win"

Lesson noted JetBlue, duly noted.


Written By Gemma Prendergast
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