Intimate family moment looks so wrong

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What do you see happening here?

The latest photo sweeping the internet will make you do a double take. While the snap depicts a father kissing his daughter in an intimate family moment, almost everyone who views it initially sees a bare butt. 

The woman in the photo, Danielle Hammel contacted BuzzFeed News to explain the story behind the viral photo. She told the publication the pic was taken two years ago and the shaved head/bare butt man seen in the pic is her dad Mike and the little baby is her daughter Lydia.

“My dad posted it to my wall yesterday and last night I guess I realized around 10 o’clock Reddit and everywhere was going crazy,” Danielle said.

She wasn't sure how the pic ended up on Reddit, but she knows it's gone EVERYWHERE since.

BuzzFeed News: Do you think your dad thought he looked like a butt?

“Well, he didn’t think he looked like a butt until he saw himself on Kim Kardashian and now he thinks he looks like a butt,” she said.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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