Instagram’s new feature will show you all your haters

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Big news for Instagram users. The app is in the process of testing a new feature which has the potential to change ~everything~ about your friendships. The addition to the media-sharing platform will allow you to see who ISN’T following you back.  So now those haters users who aren’t interested in seeing pics of your brekkie plate and/or pouting selfies will all be exposed. 


Currently, when you unfollow someone, they have no way of knowing you did. But if the testing goes to plan and the feature is incoporated into the latest version of Insta, everyone you unfollowed will now know and things could get *awkward* real quick.

One Instagram user already noticed the testing in effect on his app.

The app has also been testing another new feature which shows you how you're connected to users you search.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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