This is how to get the best deal on a flight, according to new research

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BRB, booking a flight.

A new study conducted by CheapAir has given us some interesting insight into flight prices. According to the research, there is a magic time to purchase domestic flights, and it’s 54 days before flying.  


The research was done by analysing about three million airline trips and looking at ticket prices about 320 days before take-off to see which day was their lowest.

But that doesn’t meet you need to be marking your calendar to book exactly 54 days ahead. The prime booking window is anywhere from 21 to 112 days before the trip so booking sometime between then will give you the best deal. 

Most interesting to note, however, is that the study completely quashed the idea that booking at the last minute gives you the cheapest ticket possible. Researchers found that, on average, a ticket cost about $200 more when booked within seven days of departure, compared to tickets booked in that prime window.


Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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