Here’s what you can rent in Australia for $250

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Jennifer Lawrence's new house

BRB, moving to Albury and then to Adelaide.

With cheap accommodation starting at around $250, it’s no secret that rent is crazily expensive in Sydney. But how far would that $250 take you if you looked at other places other than Sydney?

Well, we had a look and the results may surprise you:

Stanmore, Sydney, NSW - $200 a week

Stanmore room

Image | Raine & Horne 

Bedrooms: Private bedroom in a sharehouse.

At $200 a week, this single bedroom at Stanmore isn’t actually too bad, with its hardwood floors, wardrobe and bedroom furniture. You’ll just have to get used to sharing the kitchen and bathroom with a few other people.


Albury, NSW - $240 a week

Albury house

Image | Professionals 

Bedrooms: Two.

It may be located on the NSW/Vic border about 3 hours from Melbourne, but just look at it! Everything is modern, there’s plenty of room for activities, the kitchen is absolutely gorgeous, and there are even rock sculptures at the front! Definitely our pick.


Queanbeyan, NSW - $250 a week

Queanbeyan studio

Image | Ian McNamee

Bedrooms: Studio.

It may be located only 20 minutes from Canberra, but even a can of sardines would call this place cramped. At least this place is already furnished when you move in.


Canberra, ACT - $240 a week

Canberra room

Image | McGrath

Bedrooms: Private bedroom in a sharehouse.

As far as sharehouses go, this one is pretty good. This one is right near ANU, the rooms are reasonably sized, and the kitchen is enormous. There are even two ovens and a dishwasher so there won’t be arguments over who needs the kitchen and who’s turn is it to wash up.


Carlton, Melbourne, Vic. - $250 a week

Carlton studio

Image | Woodwards

Bedrooms: Studio.

If you’re fine with never having guests over, only having a mini-fridge, and no big possessions, this place is great. It’s super close to the CBD, it’s cozy, and there are some great restaurants nearby.


Werribee, Melbourne, Vic. - $250 a week

Werribee house

Image | Eview

Bedrooms: Two.

It’s modern, the beach is a 15 minute drive away, there’s an outdoor dining area, and there’s even a car space. Definitely worth the $250 a week, but that being said, the 40 minute train ride to the CBD is a bit inconvenient though.


Highgate Hill, Brisbane, Qld. - $250 a week

Highgate Hill studio

Image | Metro City Realty

Bedrooms: Studio.

It’s pretty much in the Brisbane CBD so the location is great. You’ll just have to get used to the tight space, the tiny kitchen, and the constant sound of clothes washing since the washing machine is located right near your bed.


Nightcliff, Darwin, NT - $230 a week

Nightcliff studio

Image | Real Estate Central

Bedrooms: Studio.

It’s not particularly pretty or spacious, but at least the beach is literally right across the road and the city is within walking distance.


Adelaide CBD, SA - $250 a week

Adelaide Room

Image | Weeks & Macklin

Bedrooms: One.

It may only have one bedroom, but it’s a double bedroom, and everything else in the place is awesome. There’s a built in wardrobe, the kitchen is modern, and even the bathroom is up to date. Definitely worth $250 a week.


Perth CBD, WA - $250 a week

Perth house

Image | Mark Hay

Bedrooms: One.

Nothing really stands out for this place and it’s pretty standard as one bedroom places go. On the bright side, it has a bed, it’s close to the CBD, and it’s got a great view. 

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