Here’s how to find your Uber passenger rating

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Although you may not want to know...

Everyone knows Uber gives its drivers and passengers the same ubertunity to rate each other on a one to five scale after a ride. But what people don't know is that your passenger rating is not some hidden number you'll never know - it's actually been at your fingertips all along.

Open up the Uber app on your phone and in the menu list you’ll see Help > Account > I’d like to know my rating > Submit. Voila! Your average trip rating will pop up. 

“An Uber trip should be a good experience for drivers too — drivers shouldn't have to deal with aggressive, violent, or disrespectful riders," Uber wrote on their blog. 

Despite what many think, your passenger rating does in fact matter. A lower rating could mean drivers aren't as willing to pick you up. Which would mean you could be one day forced to *gulp* catch a taxi.

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Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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