Guys, this is what your hairstyle says about you

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You can tell a lot about a man through the cut of his hair.

For all the attention given to the way women look, men care just as much about the way they look. Just like women every day, men stand front of a mirror making sure their teeth are white, their skin is clear, and their hair is exactly where it’s supposed to be.

But while clean teeth and good skin are pretty straightforward, men’s hairstyles are another matter. It may not seem like it, but the type of hairstyle actually reveals quite a bit about a man’s personality. For those men curious about what your hairstyle says about you, read on:

The Bowl Cut

Bowl Cut

Image | New Hairstyle 99

You’re either 12, you still let your mum cut your hair, and/or you’re too cheap to go to a real barber. No matter what your mum says, this isn’t a good look.


The Shaved Head

Bald Head

Image | Menshair.About

You’re balding, but rather than hiding it with a lame comb-over, you’ve decided to rock that clean-shaved look. There’s quite a lot of confidence behind that shiny head!


The Well-Manicured Hair + Bushy Beard

hair and beard

Image | MPA

The hair screams “I care about it way too much” whilst the rough beard attempts to balance that out. Definitely a hipster thing, but you’re not going to admit that. On the other hand, your Instagram pictures are going to get a lot of love from girls and fellow beard-lovers.


The Highlights


Image | Fevebaloncesto 

You’re a massive fan of the 90’s but you’re not afraid to show it. Be careful though, a good stylist can make or break this look for 2016.


The Old-Fashioned

Hipster Hair

Image | Men's Hairstyle Trends

You’re cultured, love to read, and prefer to carry a Walkman over an iPod. Unfortunately, you’re generally lumped in with all the hipsters due to those prescription thick-rimmed glasses.


The Man Bun

Man Bun

Image | Minq

You like the long hair look but don’t like how it gets in your eyes when you’re drawing. Most days you’re a bit ambivalent about the bun, the attention it gets erases any doubts.


The Bed-Head

Bed Head

Image | The Wow Style

You’re pretty tardy when it comes to appointments since you spend way too much time in front of the mirror trying to get that perfect ‘I just woke up look’. But at least you'll look great when people constantly ask you why you're always late. 


The Spikes

Spiky Hair

Image | The Wow Style

You tried out hair gel during high school and thought that this is the hair style for you. Whilst everything around you has moved on, and your attachment to the spikes has meant that it’s stuck around longer than it should have, you don’t care since you think the look freaking rocks.


The ‘No Pain, No Gain’

Man braid

Image | Cabe Nowlen via Instagram

This isn’t just any hairstyle, it’s something that takes more time and effort than it really deserves. Your peers may look down on you, but on the plus side, your effort is generally rewarded with considerable attention from both sexes.


The Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap

Image | Andy Corless via Instagram

You’re a busy guy or you’re just lazy. Either way, you’ve got better things to do than to worry about that mop on top of your head. 

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