The Giant Reese's peanut butter cup cake recipe you need in your life!

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Reese's peanut butter cake recipie

OMG.....we have no words.

Heaven is surely a giant Reese's peanut butter cup cake. This recipe will show you exactly how to make your own heaven (aka a massive Reese's peanut butter cup cake). 


1 small batch ganache (combine 300g dark chocolate with 100g whipping cream in a bowl and microwave for 30-second intervals, stirring in between until your ganache is smooth)

Approx 300g dark or milk chocolate (to make your giant cupcake case)

2 tbsp smooth peanut butter

1 baked giant cupcake - bottom half only

2 cups buttercream frosting (recipe here: )


Yep, it takes a little effort, but it is SO worth it!


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