Florida woman woke up to an exotic animal staring back at her

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Today in WTF land, a Miami lady was awakened by some weight on her chest - it was a kinkajou.

On Monday night a woman in Miami, Florida woke up to what will probably continue to traumatise her for years to come. An animal was sitting on her chest And nope, it wasn’t a pet. It was a – wait for it – kinkajou. The furry animal looks like a cross between a raccoon and a monkey and is native to SOUTH and CENTRAL America, not even found in regular ol’ America.


Oh, and get this. The sleeping woman was 99 years old. She screamed and the 60-cm-long rodent ran up to her attic. She then called her family friend Cathy Moghari and asked her to come over ASAP. Cathy later told CNN affiliaite KTLA she recognised the animal as a kinkajou based on her experience with exotic animals (sounds legit).

“I start thinking, ‘How are we going to get this animal out?’ So I googled kinkajou sounds and found a video,” she said.

She ended up playing kingajou sounds (not really sure what she meant by that?) with a speaker held up to the ceiling until the intruder came out from hiding. With the help of some cherries, Cathy ended up luring the animal into a cage, and was picked up by a vet the next day.

After some local news stations ran the story, her animal’s owner contacted the vet. Apparently the pet’s name is Banana and she’d been staying with his relatives when she escaped from her temporary cage. 


Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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