The dirty truth behind the avocado shortage

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Apparently we've been duped...

Last week Australia was hit with some devastating news: the country was in the midst of an avocado shortage. The humble flowering plant was now being sold for a whopping $7 a piece, and hipsters everywhere were very unhappy. Then on Monday, the truth came out.

It had been deliberate. The avocado industry had selfishly purposefully raised their prices and blamed the situation on “rain” and “bushfires”.


Why, you ask?

Some Western Australia growers had the selfish dumb idea to make all their sales before Christmas with reasonably low prices. They believed that the demand for avocados would drop after the holidays.

"They were artificially keeping it lower. And that's great for that period, but doing that meant we used up more avocado before Christmas and therefore had less after Christmas," said Antony Allen, former chief executive of Avocados Australia and president of the International Avocado Society.

Firstly, let’s just address the fact that there is an International Avocado Society. Who knew? Secondly, let’s talk about the fact that we are now in January and Aussies are *surprise surprise* still hungry for avocados.

Well, the jokes on the growers because no one's going to buy a $7 avocado. And apparently the rainy weather has made the shortage situation even worse. Word on the street is the price should lower in March when avocados from Queensland start doing the supermarket rounds.

But by then, will we have moved on?

Photo via Bake By Nature

Story via SMH

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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Oh, man. Not again.

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