The danger behind the 'Duct Tape Challenge' will make you squirm

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WARNING: Graphic content

A scary new trend is doing the rounds on YouTube. People are filming themselves being wrapped to a chair with duct tape by a friend before they try to escape. It’s been dubbed the 'Duct Tape Challenge' and has already wracked up over 230,000 participant videos online.

This week, however, the stupidity danger of the stunt was exposed. A 14-year-old in the US state of Washington suffered serious injuries after participating in the challenge. Skylar was standing up as he friends wrapped him with tape at a local school. All taped up and unable to balance, the teen fell and slammed his head into a window frame.


Luckily his friends called for an ambulance and Skylar was taken to a hospital. He had crushed his eye socket and had to undergo a surgery for blood in his brain. His mom Sarah told BuzzFeed News her son is recovering, but may not ever regain vision in his eye.

“He’s really happy to be alive. He’s really sad that it happened, but he’s happy to be alive. He could have been a vegetable [and] he could be dead,” she said.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar

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