Cadbury has released a new version of its Creme Egg and it's amazing

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Cadbury Creme Egg

We need this in our lives right now

We must admit we don't really care much for regular Cadbury Creme Eggs – they're a little too sweet for us – but give us an Oreo version and we are down! Cadbury has done just this and created the Cadbury Oreo Easter Egg which features the same pattern but instead of the egg-like insides, it has vanilla Oreo crème and biscuit filling.

In a statement the chocolate company said:

“Cadbury Oreo Easter eggs are ideal for Cadbury Oreo chocolate lovers who can now treat themselves in the lead-up to Easter.

"While they share a similar eating occasion, that’s where the similarities end. Cadbury Creme Eggs and Cadbury Oreo Easter eggs are two very different tasting eggs.”

While they've been in Canada for a year already, they've only just landed on our shores – yep, you can now go out and buy them!

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Speaking with News.Com.Au, Kjetil Undhjem, Director, Chocolate Marketing said:

“Off the back of the huge success of the launch of the Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo blocks range in Australia last year, we knew that Australians would love the taste of the new Cadbury Oreo Easter egg."

“And not only does it taste great, the unique packaging also delivers a new and joyful way to enjoy your afternoon chocolate treat in the lead-up to Easter — simply Peel, Pop and Eat!”.

Don't worry if you love the original and can't bear the thought of change, it's still on shelves! 

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