Australia takes centre stage in new Qantas safety video

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We really do live in an amazing place. 

Qantas have done it again with there new safety demonstration video. Friendly Australians and stunning destinations are the stars of a new Qantas safety video that showcases Australia as an amazing place to visit. 

The video will be introduced across Qantas’ domestic and international fleet from February and will form the basis of a new tourism campaign. 

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said the video was a unique platform to promote the local tourism industry and capture the the confident-but-relaxed Aussie personality that visitors tend to fall in love with. 

Joyce said, “We’ve experimented with different setting for our safety videos over the years, but this time we saw an opportunity to celebrate Australia itself. The result is something that we believe is really special and powerful, but warm, funny and down to earth at the same time, because it’s about everyday Australian’s.”

Check out the amazing video.... 

Written By Gemma Prendergast

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