This Aussie three-year-old is ridiculously ripped

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He just really loves his fitness...

He's only three years old, but Dash has the most perfect set of washboard abs. His mum Ursula started an Instagram account for the little boy appropriately named "muscly little monster" where she posts photso of Dash showcasing his incredible *miniature* physique at the park and at their home.

Ursula told Daily Mail it comes down to Dash's diet and fitness.

“I feed him as healthily as possible, but he always has his head in the fridge and loves ice cream. The most I can hope for at this stage is to feed him well and encourage him. Who knows what the future will hold?"


“He’s outside every day, come rain or shine. I used to run with him in the pram when he was a baby, and as soon as he hit two [years old], I took him out on what it thought would be a gentle jog. Dash ended up running four kilometres.”

We want what he's having.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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