Worst Commercials of all time...

Have you ever sat through an infomercial or commercial and just thought..."What the?!"... Well, we have found the ultimate collection of cringe worthy ads - but these are ones you actually want to sit through.

Horrendous song choices, bad editing, shoddy camera work, grown men dressed as lobsters and presenters who have absolutely no idea what they're doing - this selection of the world's worst commercials will give you some serious LOLs/ROFLS/ROFLcopters... You get the idea.

1. Fred and Sharon's Movie business

These guys are in the movie business... Clearly...

2. The discount Seafood Warehouse

Nothing screams "buy me" than a clueless grown man dressed as a lobster.

3. Get in Shape

A disturbing concept...

4. Montgomery's Flea Market

Gettin' jiggy with it

5. Crazy Bruce's Liquor

Maybe he's had a couple?

6. Career Builders dot com.

You know what they say, repetition sells...

7. Solo Lemon Drink

What the? I don't even...

8. Fashion Square Mall

"Girl, you better be there"

9. Prusakolep (kills cockroaches... We think?)

Sometimes you just don't need words. 

10. McDonald's Japan

Yes, this is actually an ad.

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