What will the new Royal baby be named?

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Rejoice for the Royal baby has arrived! In honour of this most joyous of occasions we present to you our well thought out baby name suggestions for William and Kate's little boy!



What better way to celebrate Australia's new-old-new again Prime Minister, then by the royal family naming their latest addition to the brood after the leader of their favourite Commonwealth nation. It will be a fitting legacy to Kevin Rudd, who may not actually be the Prime Minister by the time you read this.


The English royal family isn't even the family we go to now for all of our tales of royal love, betrayal and drama. No, for that sort of royal saga we turn on Game of Thrones! Let's face it, there is far more excitement in watching the amazing HBO TV series and wondering whether the Starks of Winterfell will ever have any damn luck in claiming the Iron Throne (while drooling over John Snow or Daenerys Targaryen), then watching Prince Charles do..... well anything. So what better way for the royal family to become popular again then by embracing Game of Thrones with Will and Kate calling the little guy Joffrey. 


Who was one of the most underrated kings of all-time? The Goblin King from The Labrinth of course! So what better way to set this new royal baby up for success and admiration than by naming him after 80's David Bowie wearing Tina Turner's wig with one too many socks down his tight tights? As an extra added bonus it means that THIS song could be sung at his birth and any birthdays afterwards to the amusement of all and sundry.

North West

Why let Kim & Kanye have all the fun? As much as everyone is bagging out Kimye for naming their daughter after a compass direction, you all know that the name is going to become wildly popular now. Hell, we can almost guarantee that 40% of you will have a niece named North within the next 2 years*. So the Royals family might as well jump on the bandwagon early and give their darling girl the hottest name of 2013!


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