Robin Thicke in the Illuminati?

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Everyone loves a good illuminati/music industry conspiracy theory don't they? Everyone from Jay-Z to Lady Gaga are supposedly all in on the secret society that controls... well everything.

Now we have one more individual to add to the list of alleged Illuminati affiliated musicians, with conspiracy theorists digging up some information on current pop heartthrob Robin Thicke.

It seems that back before he completely blew up with the success of "Blurred Lines", Robin was reaching out on Twitter to the secret society who conspires to control world affairs and establish a New World Order. Via Twitter.

Check the tweet out from September 2011, when Robin was a mildy successful singer/songwriter.

Did someone from the Illumunati follow up his inquiry (maybe Pharrell is in it now) and make some moves for him? Is he actually brainwashing us every time we listen to his music now, so that we are mere puppets for the shady characters controlling the reigns of power? Are those Illuminati-sanctioned mind control boobs in his filmclip?

For now those questions remain unanswered, but at least we can shake our butts to his music while we ponder such questions though. 

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