Feelings all Blink-182 fans have felt.

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Hear that? It's the sound of Blink-182 fans hearts breaking all over the world at the news that the band have parted ways (again)

Earlier today Mark and Travis released a statement to say that Tom DeLonge had 'indefinitely' left the band and would be replaced with Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba. BRB dying.

Now while we all plug our ears and sing 'la la la' in an infintile fashion while we pretend we didn't hear this abominable news....let's all remember just how Blink-182 has made us feel over the years...



That you should never grow up

Let's be young, innapropriate and immature forever! 


Weird things about this album cover

Teen boys + pornstar....


That 'boy bands' are lame

Backstreet Boys? Lame. Five? Lame. Take That? Lame. Westlife? Lame. Blink-182? Not lame! 


That you wanna fall in love at a rock show

Hanging out behind the club on the weekend. Acting stupid, getting drunk with my best friends.


That maybe you should buy one of these

And you probably did...but hopefully do not wear it anymore... 


That Travis Barkers drumming is the sh**

And that you knew your parents were never going to let you learn drums...


Angst...so much angst

That riff takes you straight back to 8th grade


That lip rings, nose ring and eye brow rings are rad

Because they went so well with your ball-chain necklace 


Wondering what's under that blur ;)



If you love clean cut Mark more or edgy Tom

Before deciding that you love both equally.


Feels. Just so many feels

Actual teen tears happened.


That maybe you should go back and play enema of the state again...like now?


And straight after replay Dude Ranch

Then Chesire Cat....then Take Off Your Pants and Jacket....actually the lot, every last one and cry because it will never be the same again

**cry face emoji**

Tom DeLonge did take to Facebook to refute the official press release withe the below comment.....so let's hope that it's all a big misunderstanding!

Written By rachsmith

Okay, WTF. This is too far.

Kit Harington Rose Leslie

Could it be?!


Jim Parsons just hinted when the show will be coming to an end