Carlton's Nick Duigan gives Cornesy and Rowey an update on the Blues pre-season.

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Like sunshine through your speakers...

What is the motivation behind them? Would you get them? Who gets them, and why?

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Senators Xenophon and Heffernan have offered their assistance.

Digital encyclopedia Wikipedia will shut the english version of its site in protest at internet piracy laws being considered by US legislators.

Keith Conlon & John Kenneally spoke with I.T. Commentator Stilgherrian about a 'day of darkness' that will see 25 million daily users blocked from acessing the site.

Julia Gillard has informed Independent Andrew Wilkie that she will not honour a promise to introduce a pre-commitment scheme for using pokie machines.

Keith Conlon & John Kenneally spoke with South Australian Senator Nick Xenephon about what this means for poker machine reform

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