The casanovas were down at Paddys Markets Flemington with heaps of giveaways!

The Casanovas were down at Paddy's Flemington giving out prizes and celebrating the Chinese New Year!

Casanovas Sandy and Lis were down at Paddy's Markets today handing out Paddy's goodies!

David 'Bumbles' Lloyd joined Wilds and Flip following the 5th and final Test - with an English perspective of the Tour.

Casanova Freya and Sam head to Paddy's Markets Flemington to check out all the great deals for the New Year!

The Adelaide City Council have mapped Adelaide's most dangerous streets.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne joins Leon.

Jane Donovan from Social 8 spoke to Paul Makin about the power of poistive thinking.

The Casanovas were at Paddy's Markets Flemington handing out awesome prizes and getting people involved in some great games !!