Adelaide Caberet Star Catherine Alcorn came into the studio and performed a song from her show - Go Your Own Way The Story of Christine McVie, "the other woman" in Fleetwood Mac - The classic Fleetwood Mac hit - You make loving fun

Following the Balfours Showdown XXXI loss, Danyle Pearce spoke to PTV about how the players regroup ahead of the massive challenge of facing Collingwood.

Senator Steve Fielding –says Labor were being unlawfully deceptive when their volunteers at four key marginal poling booths were disguised as Family First volunteers

Tom Saunders – Duty Forecaster – the rainfall and weather outlook for SA for the months ahead. Seasonal outlook very little rain in SA // includes Blakey call

Associate Professor Haydon Manning – Head of Department of Politics at Flinders University – issues involved with the Labor’s disguise as Family First

Blakey talks about his camping trip

Blakey is going camping over Easter with Champagne Cheryl and is going to Rays Outdoors to spend all his money. He needs a generator to run his blu-ray player.