Having trouble coming up with some fun, different and dare we say exciting ideas for Easter?

It's the day before an epic long weekend! You were prepared to focus, and get everything done so you don't have to work late... until you saw this page!

Amazing things made out of chocolate

From gaming controllers to cheeseburgers, cameras to beds - if you can think of it, someone's probably made a version out of chocolate! More great Easter ideas. 

Experts are urging parents to make sure they are across all the information about their children's vaccination scheme.

The Easter exodus on our roads brings tragic consequences for too many South Australian families.
SAPOL Assistant Commissioner Linda Williams joined Jane and Keith to talk about the Operation Crossroads blitz this long weekend.
Motor Accident Commission Chief Jerome Maguire joined them to introduce their Easter message – don't let driver fatigue put you and others in danger.

The Easter Bunny drops by to chat with Nathan, Nat and Shaun before his huge trip around the world.

Tim Ginever visited the Haigh's Chocolate Factory just before the Easter Weekend.

It is a fascinating place to visit and tours are available.

The full back of the century - Carlton LEGEND - now GWS Giants list manager - on his 3 vote performance at the AFL trade week

Video of an horrific assault on a student at a northern suburbs high school is being circulated among other students
The teenage victim - who suffers Aspergers, AD-HD and bipolar -was assaulted after innocently telling a teacher the whereabouts of another student
The victim's mother has told FIVEaa she's getting nowhere with police and the Education Department
The Department says the youth who punched her son has been suspended, pending a meeting with his family
The video shows the victim being approached, punched, then falling on a concrete floor and left unconsious with a broken nose, as other students cheer and congratulate the attacker