• Forgetting Names, Homer Simpson's Money, Can We Look After Your Pet? Break-A-Plate, Worst Present, Carry Over Champ: Luke, The Horses OR What About Me? Hemsworth Update, Wheel-Of-Sportune, Goodbye Song.


  • Shane Warne's Assistant, Emoji Santa, WWYJOOAPW, Harry Potter's House, Can We Buy Your Undies? Carry Over Champ: Ash, Getting To Know You: Beard Chat, Fired On The First Day, Ask Jimmy & Nath Anything, Gossip Guys, Magic We Missed, Goodbye Song.


  • What's Does Your T-Shirt Say? Nelly's Hot In Herre, 5 Second Rule, House Giveaway, Shane Warne Emojis, Dogs Know Your Secrets, How Far Did You Drive? Lessons from Last Week's Show, DJ Khaled Update: Lyft Driver, Getting To Know You: Sully 2, Goodbye Song.


  • Favourite Body Parts, Panda Helps Pandas, Nath Knows: Taylor Swift, House Giveaway, Mel B Wee, Highest Phone, Man Escapes Wife, Lessons From Last Week, Who's That Tweet, Wheel-Of-Sportune, Goodbye Song.


  • Weather Updates, Gorilla Names, Hide & Seek, House Giveaway*, New $5 Note, Instagram Zoom, Coca-Cola Sign For Sale, Ask Jimmy & Nath Anything, DJ Khaled Update: Phone Call, Magic We Missed, Goodbye Song. *Raffle Tickets