Wippa and Lisa's exciting news!


Congratulations to Wippa and Lisa, who revealed on the show today that they are expecting their second baby!

What a way to end the year for Fitzy and Wippa, with the announcement that's there's going to be another addition to the team next year!

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Just as the boys were signing off on their last show, Wippa gave Fitzy a 'Christmas present' in the terms of a card with some pretty amazing news on it... 

If the new bub is anything like big brother super Ted, then that is going to be one cuuuuuute family!


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It's not the first time Wippa has revealed baby news on the show, watch when he surprised Fitzy about Lisa's first pregnancy on air...

Congrats guys!!



Written By Alice Joyce
Bring It Back Friday

It was the last Bring It Back Friday for the year and Fitzy and Wippa were broadcasting from the beach, so it was only fitting Producer Tommy dressed up as Pamela Anderson from Baywatch!

Jason Dundas

Jason Dundas pops in to chat with Fitzy & Wippa to talk about his new fitness clothing range DundasFit.

The Wiggles cover One Direction

Fitzy and Wippa challenged The Wiggles to send One Direction a message that they need a girl in their band just like The Wiggles do. 

The band came into studio and performed their version of 'Steal My Girl' called 'You need a girl'. 

Take a listen...