Who poo-ed on Macklemore...?

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His baby daughter!

Mackelomore joined Smallzy in London to chat all things fatherhood and being the recipient of an unfortunate (smelly) surprise from his baby daughter, Sloane!

“I got poo-ed on right away… in the first 48 hours!”

But he doesn’t care… “It’s just part of being a parent!”


The Downtown singer shared a photo of his cute daughter on Instagram recently and made our hearts melt!


Image | Instagram

The new Dad couldn’t stop gushing about his new bundle of joy to MTV NEWS…

"She's a big baby, she's a 10-pound baby, with a big-ass head and I was like, 'This is, thus is my child.' It's this unconditional love that happens instantaneously,” he said.

He also revealed that baby Sloane doesn’t like nursery rhymes to get to sleep, but rather a bit of Snoop Dogg!

Like father, like daughter!

Check out the FULL interview with Smallzy below

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Written By Alice Joyce
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