The Vamps play your favourite game...The Yes/No Game!

The Vamps play The Yes No Game

The first time we played this game with 5SOS it was such a hit we thought One Direction might want to play, and then let the fans pick the questions for 5SOS when The Vamps stopped by Smallzy's Surgery we thought it only appropriate to bust out the paddles for another hilarious round of The Yes/No Game!

Seriously.....these are all those fandom questions you never knew you wanted the answers to and The Vamps didn't hold back one bit!

Last time we caught up with The Vamps backstage in Nova's Red Room, the boys revealed a few sneaky secrets that you never knew about them!

Written By rachsmith

Lots of people are going to be guessing what the meaning behind it is... Smallzy finds out the full story! Plus he gets asked some interesting questions by some fans! 

Picking your nose, weeing in the pool, brushing your teeth.... All the important questions are asked and the answers are more interesting than you'd ever imagine!

Adam Lambert backstage on Nova's Red Room Global Tour

Backstage before Adam Lambert hit the stage for Nova's Red Room Global Tour together with Optus.. we thought we would crack out the Yes/No paddles and ask some questions!