The NUMBER 1 Super Bowl ad this year is…

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kevin hart ice cube and Smallzy
Image | CNN

Hyundai’s ‘First Date’ featuring Kevin Hart!

Does anyone even watch the football when it comes to the Super Bowl?

Because lets be honest, it’s all about the half time entertainment and the ads!

Super Bowl 50 was no different!

While Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Coldplay SLAYED at halftime, the entertainment continued with this years selection of ads (and with companies paying up to $5m for a 30 second spot you’d want to hope they were good!)

But there was one that definitely stood out...


While chatting with Smallzy about his upcoming movie Ride Along 2 with Ice Cube, Kevin Hart was called by his manager to be told that his Hyundai ‘First Dates’ ad was ranked #1 against all the others that played.

Yep, you literally heard it here FIRST!

Written By Alice Joyce
Zac Efron

**deep breaths everyone**

Amy Schumer

Ladies take night

Chris Pratt

He is so amazing