Kate, Tim and Marty reach new heights in Vegas...

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Slotzilla in Vegas

On the famous Fremont Street Zipline!

Las Vegas is known for its amusement-like attractions. 

There’s the Big Apple Coaster which circles the famous New York New York Hotel and the stomach churning Insanity ride at the Stratosphere 30m above the ground.

But we bet you had NO idea that there was ‘Slotzilla’?!


Well if you venture off The Strip to Downtown Fremont Street, there is the world’s largest slot machine (complete with over sized dice, coins, a martini glass and flamingo!) connected to a 500m zip line, which takes thrill seekers through the historic pedestrian promenade.

So of course, we had to send Kate, Tim and Marty down the line and lucky for us - we filmed and recorded EVERYTHING!


Hope you’re not afraid of heights guuuuuuuuuuys!

Written By Alice Joyce
The Age Game

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