Kate Ritchie and Rebecca Gibney have gone to war!

kate ritchie and rebecca gibney play quick draw

In a game of Quick Draw!

Rebecca Gibney has beaten Kate Ritchie at her pride and joy, Quick Draw... and she's not happy about it. Infact, she is certain she was robbed!! #Controversy

You be the judge!

Written By Alice Joyce
Quick Draw

By now, we all know that Kate Ritchie is super competitive when it comes to Quick Draw and isn’t took happy when she loses. So could she finally beat Matt Preston today in Quick Draw Redemption? Check it out… 

Quick Draw

It was the listeners time to shine in Quick Draw today when Kate took on Carla. Check out how Kate went against one of the ‘4th co-hosts’ of the show!

The Veronicas

So we all know Kate Ritchie is SUPER competitive with it comes to Quick Draw, so how did she go when she took on not one but TWO people. Check out how Kate went against The Veronicas…