Megan Aney
Friday, November 14, 2014 - 16:43

Fitzy & Wippa Tell the Bonnie Doon Real Estate Agent He's Dreamin!

An iconic piece of film history is up for sale - the house in Bonnie Doon, Victoria - that was featured in iconic aussie film The Castle.

So Fitzy & Wippa decided to give the real estate agent a call and to find out the asking price...again and again.


Listen here...

It's not the first time Fitzy & Wippa have stitched up a real estate agent from Bonnie Doon, when the property orignally went on the market in 2011 the boys gave the real estate agent at the time Andrew a dose of Mr Kerrigan too! 

The flick, made in 1997, made a few lines famous - but not one more than 'Tell Him He's Dreaming' by Mr Kerrigan himself (played by Michael Caton) Don't remember it? Check out the vid here.