Fifth Harmony babes the first girls to play the Yes/No Game!

The Fifth Harmony girls stopped by Smallzy's Surgery and we discovered not only can they sing so well you might just die.....but they're also hilarious and so much fun!

The perfect candidates for the first ever girl group to play...The Yes/No Game! So far only The Vamps, 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction have had to answer all the dirty, grubby questions we throw at them! 

How will the girls handle it?

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Written By rachsmith

Lots of people are going to be guessing what the meaning behind it is... Smallzy finds out the full story! Plus he gets asked some interesting questions by some fans! 

Picking your nose, weeing in the pool, brushing your teeth.... All the important questions are asked and the answers are more interesting than you'd ever imagine!

Adam Lambert backstage on Nova's Red Room Global Tour

Backstage before Adam Lambert hit the stage for Nova's Red Room Global Tour together with Optus.. we thought we would crack out the Yes/No paddles and ask some questions!