Lynette C
Tuesday, January 5, 2016 - 14:59

The Age Game - Are you Team Kate or Team Marty?

How old is Bradley Cooper?

If you answered 43 ... you'd lose!

The correct answer is 41 ... and that my friends, is The Age Game!

Seems simple enough?

Well sometimes Kate and Marty don't think so!

Every Wednesday they battle it out to guess the age of a chosen celebrity and whoever guesses correctly, or closest to the age without going over, wins the round!

The best of 3 rounds wins that week.

So each week we need YOU to either be on Team Kate or Team Marty. Register your details below and we could be calling you back to play The Age Game with us. Can Kate make it 3 years in a row after taking the crown (or trophy) again in 2015?!

The Age Game is also available on your mobile device.  Download the Nova app now!  

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