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Smallzy's Surgery Podcast - 30 January 2015

RedFoo called in to Smallzy's Surgery with a special announcement and It. Was. Huge. An exclusive invite for Smallzy to his Grammy's afterparty in LA....Smallzy's Surgery is going to Hollywood...

Kate, Tim & Marty podcast image

All the best bits from Friday's show....

Kate, Tim and Marty's week in review

All the best bits from the week that was with Kate, Tim & Marty.

cockroach in the toilet

Ok, so we've all tried to kill a cockroach, right? 

Your name

Does your name say more about you than you think? Here's what it all means…

Kate, Tim and Marty wearing $ hats

Kate, Tim & Marty made someone a Guaranteed Millionaire...just your average Friday! ...

Ellen Degeneres reveals what makes the perfect woman

Dating website surveyed 100,000 men asking them what make the "perfect" woman.

Kim Kardashian red carpet

Jennifer Lawrence, you've outdone yourself.

Sandra Sully completes Fitzy & Wippa's challenge

1. We stitch up Richard Wilkins
2. I only just realised?
3. Sam Frost – how much did the ring sell for
4. Johnny Ruffo
5. Listener questions...

Worst tattoos

A young mum has come out expressing her regret over a giant chest tattoo… Inspiring us to find the worst tattoos. Ever.

Denise Richards with her kids - whose Father is Charlie Sheen

Remember when they were little? Well now they're all grown up…