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Charli XCX didn't knwo Harry Styles had 2 extra nipples!

CHARLI XCX joined Smallzy in the studio to chat her huge year with Iggy Azalea, ‘Break The Rules’ and how she got the name ‘Charli XCX’...

Charli XCX didn't knwo Harry Styles had 2 extra nipples!

Charli XCX's new album is called 'Sucker' so when she came in to chat about it, Smallzy thought he would see if he could suck her in with weird facts about Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Harry...

Harry and Niall send a message to their Aussie fans

Because they know their Aussie fans love the most out of all other fans all over the world....Niall and Harry wanted to say a special thank you to you, me, us! It brought a tear to our eye! There...

Narry has a quickie with Smallzy

When Smallzy sat down with Narry they had a little 'quickie with the boys and the part where Harry tells us whether he likes to be big or little spoon is the most adorable thing ever!


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All the best bits from Thursday's show...

RIP Phillip Hughes
Photo | Getty

It's the sad news that no-one wanted to hear. Phillip Hughes has passed away at the age of 25, days before his 26th birthday.

Kris Jenner's new toy boy

Kris Jenner is one hot mamma, it's not surprising that she's got herself a toy boy...and they're still going strong!

If guys acted like girls on instagram
Image | Instagram

We all love Instagram, but lets just admit it girls - we love to strike a pose!...

Cat pokes its tongue out whenever it hears tape

This cat pokes its tongue out whenever it hears that horrible tape sound. 

Liam Hemsworth's high school photo
Photos | Instagram | Twitter

Ahh we love an reason to dig up some old pics...especially from the celeb archives. What better excuse than #ThrowbackThursday.


1.       One Direction – Harry and Niall

2.       NSW...

Wallet thief gets instant karma
Source | LiveLeak

The smoothest and best planned robbery you’ll ever seen in your life...or NOT!