Mitchell Pearce is back in Australia after a month-long stint in rehab

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Looks like rehab has treated Mitchell Pearce well as he seems ready to take on sobriety in Australia.

The NRL player who had a little too much fun on Australia Day is now back Down Under after spending a month in a rehabilitation centre in Thailand. Mitchell Pearce arrived at Sydney airport on Sunday to be picked up by his parents Wayne and Terri.

But before he went home, the 26-year-old addressed the waiting media frenzy.


"I obviously just got off the plane so I’m a little bit jetlagged. It’s been a really challenging four weeks. It’s something that I’ve really needed to do and the hard work starts now for me.

"I totally humiliated myself and a lot of other people. I'm not hiding from anything. I'm here to cop whatever comes.

"I also wanted to thank everyone who has given me support. I haven't had a phone or TV for four weeks... I received a lot of text messages today which meant the world to me."

Mitchell also said he'd be spending the day with his family, and that he'd give everyone a little more insight into his condition at a later date.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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