Who's the new Queen of Pop? Richest woman in music revealed!

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The new queen of pop has been revealed
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Go the girls! It seems women are earning all the big bucks in music these days… but who tops Forbes highest-paid women in music 2014 list? 

Madonna topped the list last year - so which star has stolen her crown?

5. Katy Perry - $40 million

Katy Perry is the 5th richest woman in music

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She loves cats nearly as much as Taylor Swift and she is giving Lady Gaga a run for her money for costumes - and it seems her fans love it! We particularly love this…

4. Rihanna - $48 million

Rihanna is the 4th richest woman in music

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She hasn't released an album since 2012 but that didn't stop everyone's fav bad girl Riri earn herself a whopping $48 million! (We also believe she has brought blue lipstick back into fashion.) Can't wait for her new album to come out! 

3. P!nk - $52 million

Pink is the 3rd richest woman in music

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She is our fav cool girl in pop and over the last year she has spun herself around 85 concerts. Seriously how does she do these acrobatics?!…

2. Taylor Swift - $64 million

Taylor Swift is the 2nd richest woman in music

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Award winning singer, multi-million selling pop star and lets not forget her classic dancing and cat loving ways… Taylor you have come along way since 2006!

1. Beyonce - $115 million

Beyonce is the richest woman in music for 2014

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Talk about blowing everyone else out of the water! 2014 was the year of Queen Bey! Following on from her Mrs Carter tour, Beyonce hit the stage with her hubby Jay-Z for their On The Run tour and the cash just came rolling in. Can we borrow $10?

Full list:

(Calculated from June 2013 - June 2014)

10. Britney Spears - $20 million
9. Lady Gaga - $33 million
8/7. Celine Dion - $36 million / Miley Cyrus - $36 million
6. Jennifer Lopez - $37 million
5. Katy Perry - $40 million
4. Rihanna - $48 million
3. P!nk - $52 million
2. Taylor Swift - $64 million
1. Beyonce - $115 million



Written By Natalie Miller
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