Ed Sheeran just blew us away with this performance!

Committed to perform a set of only four songs at Whelan's Pub in Dublin for the first leg of Nova's Red Room Global Tour together with Optus, Ed Sheeran cared not for schedules and played for as long as he damn well pleased to an audience which was more than appreciative!

Living up to his reputation of being a dead set genuine guy who loves to perform for his fans, Ed Sheeran went way off script extending his intimate secret gig to three times its original length much to the delight of the crowded room!

It was intimate, sweaty and electric in Whelan's Pub in Dublin - a venue hand picked for the event by Ed himself and was the ultimate way to kick off Nova's Red Room Global Tour together with Optus!

A video posted by NOVA 96.9 Sydney (@nova_969) on

A video posted by NOVA 96.9 Sydney (@nova_969) on

Check out all the photos from the amazing event

Written By rachsmith
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