Fitzy & Wippa's 'Thinking Out Loud' parody

Ed Sheeran sings in the lyrics of 'Thinking Out Loud' I'll love you until your 70 yrs old, but what happens after that?


Fitzy & Wippa are back with a new parody about the difficulties of loving your significant other after you turn 70 years old.

Watch the original video from Ed Sheeran, who knew he could ballroom dance! 

Written By Megan Aney

This is the worst thing that could have happened to Fitzy and his family...

His dad got an iPhone. 

When Fitzy & Wippa heard that the council of Blacktown wanted to change the town's name they were devastated. 

Fitzy & Wippa's Wine Rack Bra parody song

Ever been to a bar and emptied your wallet after just one round? Fitzy & Wippa know the feeling and have found a solution.