Megan Aney
Wednesday, February 17, 2016 - 09:20

Roxy Jacenko's daughter at the centre of lewd prank

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An investigation is underway after photos of Roxy Jacenko's daughter surfaced of the four year old photoshopped into compromising situations.

The Instagram star Pixie Curtis is at the centre of a photo controversy after her images were ripped by three men and photoshopped to place the four-year-old in inappropriate situations. Speaking to Fitzy & Wippa Roxy has described the situation as disgusting and sick.

"When your four-year-old daughter becomes the target of a sick internet joke you think why her and why me. My job is to protect her. The people who have done this and circulated photos of her in sexual or explicit images are sick. It's pedophilia. I don't know how someone could find it enjoyable."


A source who was sent two of the images has described one of the doctored images as showing Pixie superimposed in her nightie behind a glass box alongside to a prostitute in Amsterdam’s red light district. The other showed the young girl reading a book that ­displayed an image of two men having sex as reported by the Daily Telegraph. 

The photos are said to have been created and/or circulated by two 'known' individuals in the fashion industry and Roxy describes the men as known to her but not friends. Until the situation is under control Roxy has changed Pixie's Instagram account to private which currently boasts over 100,000 followers. 

A police investigation is underway.

Full chat with Fitzy & Wippa below.

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